Raman Charpak Fellowship Program

Raman Charpak Fellowship Program

Raman Charpak Fellowship Program was inaugurated by the then President of France and H.E. Mr Francois Hollande and their Indian counterpart during their visit to India in February 2013. Raman Charpak Fellowship Program is provided to Indian and French students to carry out their research work in French and Indian institutions respectively. The motive of the scholarship is to enable the exchange of the research students between the two countries and broaden the scope of the relationship between them. The Raman Charpak Fellowship Program is jointly conducted by Ministry for Europe & Foreign Affairs, Government of France, French Embassy in India,  Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India and the Service for Science and Technology (SST).

Eligibility Criteria

Those who are interested to apply for the fellowship must satisfy the following eligibility conditions:

  • The applicants from India must be Indian citizens currently residing in India.
  • Must be registered and pursuing a PhD program from a recognised university or college in India.
  • Must have secured a master’s degree from any of the recognised universities or colleges from India.
  • Must be younger than 30 years old before April 1st 2015.
  • Scholars who are holding a permanent position in any of the university or colleges are not eligible to apply.
  • Scholars who are supported by CEFIPRA are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must receive consent from their respective college or university before applying for the fellowship.

How to Apply for Raman Charpak Fellowship Program

Only online applications are eligible for the scholarship. Applications provided through offline mode via posts or direct visits will not be accepted for the Raman Charpak Fellowship Program. A candidate is eligible to apply only once, multiple submissions of a single candidate will be dismissed. Candidates who satisfy the above-set eligibility criteria and are interested to apply for the fellowship must take the following steps to successfully apply for the fellowship:

  1. Click on the official page to go to the login page.
  2. Create a new account using “Not Registered yet? Click here link” link. If you haven’t created an account already.
  3. After providing the details and pressing the sign up button, a new account will be created and the page will be redirected to the sign in page.
  4. Sign in using the details provided while creating an account.
  5. Provide all the necessary and accurate details in all the required fields.
  6. Upload all the necessary documents provided in the list below.
  7. After uploading all the documents and filling up all the required fields the application procedure is completed.
  8. In the scenario where any of the documents or required fields are incomplete or inaccurate details provided, the application is summarily dismissed.

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Documents Required

The following documents need to be uploaded while applying for the Raman Charpak Fellowship Program. In case if any of the required documents are missing the applicants are requested to upload it before the deadline day, otherwise, their applications will be summarily dismissed.

  1. The Resume or Curriculum Vitae of the applicant. The Resume must contain the photograph of the applicant and should also contain the details of the applicant’s research interests, publications and other achievements.
  2. A letter of Recommendation provided by the supervisor from the current institution or lab of the scholar.
  3. A letter of recommendation from a supervisor in the lab of the scholar’s desired institution. A supervisor must be arranged in advance.
  4. A short summary or synopsis of the applicant’s current or intended research work.
  5. A proof of research experience. A research experience letter or a proof of publication can be provided for it.
  6. A no objection certificate should be provided by the current head of the institution.
  7. The PhD registration letter of the scholar.
  8. The front and back copy of the applicant’s passport.
  9. A recent passport size photo of the applicant.
  10. The scanned copy of the highest degree certificate achieved by the applicant.
  11. A 5-page detailed description of the research work the student intends to take. The description should contain an explanation of how the planned research work in India or France will benefit the applicant.

The applicants are requested to submit all scanned copies of the documents much prior to the application deadline day. Any incomplete registrations will not be selected for the fellowship.

Selection Procedure of Raman Charpak Fellowship program

The fellowship is geared towards research scholars enrolled in any of the PhD programmes in India or France or students pursuing their Master’s in France and would like to do research work in India. The selection will be based purely on merit, the quality of the research pursued by the scholar and the impact the visit will have on the scholar’s research work.

Benefits of the Fellowship

The Raman Charpak Fellowship Program duration is for a period of 2 to 6 months. Candidates who are selected for the scholarship can avail the following benefits during the scholarship period:

  • The Indian scholars selected for the fellowship will receive a total amount of €1500 for their the routine expenses. This amount covers the daily expenses, travel charges and accommodation expenses of the scholar. This amount also includes the Social Security charges incurred by the student.
  • For French scholars selected for the fellowship will receive an amount of ₹40000. This includes the daily expenses, travel charges and accommodation expenses. The accommodation charges should not exceed ₹45000.
  • Economy class Airfare charges including the return ticket.
  • Health an travel insurance charges wherever applicable.
  • Visa and Registration administration charges.
  • Residency permit or Carte de Sejour, if applicable.
  • Any additional charge of up to €500 for participating in seminar and workshops. This expenses will only include travel and participating charges.

Terms and conditions

  • Only applications provided through the online mode will be accepted.
  • The host institution of an Indian scholar during the tenure of the fellowship must be in France and the host institution of a French researcher must be in India.
  • Applicants are requested to completely fill up the form. Incomplete applications will be rejected for the scholarship.
  • Only one application per candidate will be accepted. A candidate with multiple application will be summarily rejected.
  • The duration of the fellowship will be from 2 to 6 months. Any extension for the application will not be supported by the fellowship and the candidates must make their own arrangements in such a scenario.
  • The applicants are expected to choose their institutions prior to the application of the fellowship. The candidates are required to provide a recommendation letter from any of the supervisor with whom the scholar has made a prior arrangement to do research work with.
  • The applicants must not be older than 30 years of age. Any scholars older than that will not be accepted for the fellowship.
  • Students who were under the CEFIPRA framework or are still working under the CEFIPRA framework are not eligible to apply for the Raman Charpak Fellowship Program.
  • Scholars who hold a permanent position in their respective institutions are not eligible to apply for the Fellowship program.

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