Goa Education Trust Scholarship


The Goa Education Trust (GET) Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship provided by Dempo and Fomento Groups. The number of scholarships offered varies each year. Students interested in several fields of study including Architecture, Art & Design, Medicine, Business Management, Computer Science & Information Technology at the postgraduate level can apply for this scholarship. Goa Education Trust Scholarship for students from India.

The Goa Education Trust (GET) provides Indian students from Goa with an opportunity to undertake postgraduate study in any academic field in the U.K. GET scholarship has allowed many recipients of the scholarship to successfully complete studies in various subjects since its introduction in 2010. The scholarship covers part or full tuition fee for the courses. All additional costs like the cost of living are to be borne by the students themselves

Eligibility Criteria Goa Education Trust Scholarship for students from India

Students can apply irrespective of their gender. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must:
  • Be Indian nationals
  • Be residents of Goa or born to Goan parents or grandparents
  • Be not more than 30 years old at the time of application
  • Be graduates with an excellent academic record and extracurricular achievements
  • Have confirmed admission to an academic course of study in the UK for up to one year.

Application Process

  • Students need to submit the filled application form before a given deadline.
  • The Applicant can apply for this scholarship online
  • Applicant must submit the following documents after the online application process
    • Documentary proof of share of the applicant or the applicant’s parents in an ancestral property in Goa which is utilized as the family’s residence or business premises
    • Documentary proof of birth certificate (born in Goa) of the applicant or any one of the applicant’s parents or grandparents
    • A copy of admission letter from the UK institution
    • One academic and one professional reference letter (although recent graduates may submit two academic references)
    • Two hard copies of reference letters of not more than one A4 size page each.

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